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HelloSME’s mission is to help SMEs improve procurement efficiency, security and traceability using our enterprise-grade Blockchain technology. Through the members-only platform, our strategic partners and customers can aggregate demand and perform in-country and cross-border transactions with ease and confidence.

What is FTP

FTP is a horizontal SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) on Blockchain built to enhance closed-loop procurement transactions between buyers and sellers in a seamless manner. As an engine behind two verticals, namely Medical PPE and Semiconductor, FTP provides its trusted buyers and sellers with the benefits of RDS Contract, payment gateway, end-to-end digital integration and KYC in all aspects of its business.

Benefits to SMEs

Based on industry insights, the time spent by buyers/sellers on the procurement process from Purchase Request to Payment can be significant. However, potential savings (processing time) from FTP per year is estimated to be about US$500M, which can significantly help an industry already grappling with razor thin margins.

SMEs are largely known to be paper-intensive, either lacking an ERP system or the IT skills to integrate their systems. Hence, finding lost documents like delivery notes with numerous partial deliveries impacts both productivity and cash flow management.


Of time savings by using FTP

Companies with ERP systems
Approx. 70 minutes per transaction.

Of time savings by using FTP

Companies without ERP systems
Approx. 440 minutes per transaction

FTP Features


RDS is a Real Digital Smart Contract which has sophisticated algorithms to track any changes and/or modifying of the contract. Storing any transactional changes on Blockchain makes it secure, reliable and trackable than conventional contracts.


  • Automates repetitive tasks like delivery/overdue payment reminders – time stamped on blockchain.
  • Actual contract is recognized by the common law countries like Singapore & India.


FTP Payment Gateway aims to connect to all payment gateways by offering choices to our buyer/seller in settling payment through PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer. An added feature is digital Escrow that is robust enough to scale from 1,000 to 2M transactions a day.


  • Members are given a choice of payment methods.
  • Integrates with major payment gateways.
  • With digital escrow, SMEs are given added confidence to transact overseas.


FTP Eco-system’s vision is to provide connectivity of the different buyer/seller ERP systems to ensure seamless transactional flow to cut down manual inputs and paper-based transactions. For those SMEs that do not have ERP, a basic, stripped down ERP is embedded in the FTP application.


  • Digital documents are captured from source - cutting out manual inputs.
  • Reduce paper transactions.
  • Basic ERP features are provided free to SMEs with no ERP systems.


From PR -> RFQ -> PO -> SO -> DO -> Invoice -> Payment, FTP automates and captures the entire process in its entirety. Once payment is acknowledged, the RDS contract between the buyer and seller is then considered closed giving a 360-degree view of the entire transactional flow.


  • Entire process from PR to payment acknowledgement is digitized and tracked – cut down manual intervention.
  • Buyer/Seller know where they are in the procurement journey.
  • Scoring of buyer/seller is objective & data-driven.


Based on Hyperledger Fabric Technology that supports permissioned blockchain network, smart contract, data privacy and unique transactional model.


  • Transactional changes are tracked on ledger.
  • Messages & reminders are time-stamped.
  • Secure, scalable and immutable.
  • Accurate scoring is data-driven.


FTP provides basic KYC with KYC partners and 2-factor authentication to verify members’ identity to ensure transactions are legit and above board especially cross-border transactions – one of the key ask of SMEs.


  • Provided free to SME members when they register.
  • SMEs now can feel comfortable that overseas SMEs members have their background checked before transacting.
FTP Value-Added Services

FTP enhances end-to-end transactions by integrating multiple service providers in their respective industries such as Medical PPE or Semiconductors. These Service Providers’ Exclusive Offerings will give our SME members more choices and help them minimise their operational costs.

Berkley Insurance Asia

Berkley Insurance is an operating unit of the W.R. Berkley Corporation, which is a Fortune 500 Company, listed on NYSE under the ticket “WRB”.

OFX - Global Money Transfers

OFX is a global money transfer specialist bringing together a secure, streamlined digital experience and great exchange rates, with dedicated human support from on-the-ground teams 24/7.

GOGOVAN Singapore

GOGOVAN is your solution to real-time logistics needs. GOGOVAN’s on-demand, same-day logistics platform connects businesses with over 20,000 registered driver partners: motorbikes, sedan, vans, and 10ft-24ft trucks.


signNow is an e-signature solution designed to scale with your workflows – simplify the signing and management of documents online, make your teams more productive, and easily integrate into the apps you use and love. More than 12 million people are already using SignNow to automate document workflows and reduce paperwork.

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Technology Used In FTP

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HelloSME has created a Fast Trade & Procurement (FTP) Ecosystem built on Blockchain technology of an immutable nature.

The final outcome—procurement efficiency, scalability, security and trackability for both in-country and cross-border transactions.

The following are the other supporting technological tools and platforms that we have used to build the FTP ecosystem.

The FTP Core Team

Leslie Wong
CEO / CTO (interim)
30+ years in Sales and Marketing at Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific, IQmind, Sembawang Media, Westin Hotels & Resorts, DFS Group
Garphy Chang
Chief Product Marketing Officer
23+ years in IT, Printing and Manufacturing Industries at Hewlett Packard APAC & Taiwan, Agfa-Gevaert Taiwan and KEE Decorative Tech. China
Kris Leong
Administration Manager
25+ years in IT Industry at Hewlett Packard APAC - Commercial System Unit, PC Division, Solution Partner Org.
Khwab Sheth
Chief Blockchain Officer
14+ years experience in software development. Khwab has worked on 100 plus projects in various domains and technologies. His expertise is into Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Web and Mobile applications.
Rajkumar Tiwari
Technology Architect
5+ years of experience in Blockchain Development. Proficient in algorithms, data structures, cryptography, data security & dlt. Experience developing end-to-end blockchain ecosystem solutions & infrastructure.
Vijendra Patil
Head of Backend Technologies
Vijendra has strong knowledge of Backend Technologies and Data Science & Analytics. He leverages his strong technology skills to analyse huge amounts of data using various methodologies.
Shrishailya Deshmukh
UI Designer
Crafting effective solutions for the SME's through simple and interactive design. Responsible for 100 plus Web and Mobile UI/UX interfaces on various domains.
Rohan Mehta
Full-Stack Developer
Rohan is full stack developer. He has experience working on multiple web portals and progressive web apps.

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The FTP Advisory Team

Lorna Bender
USA Business Advisor
25+ years in Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at Hewlett Packard Americas/Asia Pacific, Netscape, PeopleSoft, and
Wong Ching Wen
Blockchain BD Advisor
20+ years in financial services, P2P financial protection on blockchain, Contact Sense Asia, ESG Reinsurance, CIGNA International, American Express.
Harish Pillay
Technology Advisor
20+ years in Sembawang Media , & Red Hat as Global Head, Community Architecture and Leadership
Goh Weihan
Blockchain Advisor
Asst Professor at SIT, research interest in blockchains and applied cryptography
Jason Lim
Technology Advisor
More than 15 years in the technology industry at IBM, Price water house Coopers, Nortel &
Justin Lim
Financial Comptroller
10 years of public accounting experiences. Expertise includes corporate compliance, financial reporting and tax reporting.
Business Advisor
DR PATT PANNANGPETCH M.D. is a Specialist consultant in Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine with more than a decade dedicated to patient care. Currently, based at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital Bangkok. His specialized field has led him to also consult with the following institutions like Bangkok Hospital, BNH, Bangkok Christian.
Chew Ghim Bok
Strategic Business Advisor/Investor
35+ years in Software, Tech and VC Investment. Founded & ran ProData Systems and SkyVen Capital. Currently an active Rotarian & Grassroots Community leader.
Felix Tan
FinTech Advisor
20+ years at UOB Finlab, SilkRoute Holdings, ECNet, WFRIC, Evolusia, OCBC Bank, Bank of Singapore
Gary Chien
Procurement Consultant
25+ years in Manufacture Industry, Supply Chain Management at Trividia Health Taiwan Inc.
Julian Wong
Legal Advisor
21+ years of legal experience at Shook Lin & Bok, Johnson, Stokes & Masters, Mandel, Katz & Brosnan LLP, Sabharwal, Globus & Lim LLP
Ryan Chew
Blockchain Advisor
Partner of TRIVE Ventures & Tribe Accelerator for blockchain investments & activities

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